Di Smith is a child of Africa. She grew up among the Xhosa people on Willowdale farm in a beautiful area of South Africa, called East Griqualand.

When you have been born in Africa the rhythms of the continent pulse within your blood, and no matter the colour of your skin, you are marked by Africa and linked to all her peoples by a shared spirit. You have an African soul.

In 2007 Di Smith co-founded an organisation together with Derryn Campbell called Awesome SA

“I realised that South Africans are still feeling wounded by the past and many are helpless
and dependent. Meeting and working with the people of South Africa, I refuse to believe
that we cannot create the country that was the promise of 1994. I refuse to believe that
we do not have the power to step up to the true measure of our greatness as a nation. We
have successfully pulled together before as South Africans and can do it again. It requires
a change of attitude. We live in a beautiful country with incredible people. South Africans
have the tenacity and willpower to stand together and work together for a great future”

says Di Smith.

Di has written a book called You’re Awesome. The powerful lessons within her book brings home to each one of us that we all have choices. Every one of us can change the story of our lives, we can change the world we have control on, and we can change our attitude. Although we face the difficulties of today and tomorrow, we can actually determine our future, because the future is not a place that we are going to go; it’s a place that we are going to create.

“We tend to move through life in Chapters. On my marriage to Guy, I was fully committed to our marriage, to the raising of our three kids and to assisting bringing in money through my own small businesses which helped us meet the growing demands of a family and good education. My life has now moved on as my children are all self-reliant and Guy is totally involved as the Chairman of Venn, Nemeth and Hart – in growing his firm into a legal business with soul. It is difficult to describe the depth to which I am now committed to creating a good future for all our people in this country. My full time job in the closing chapters of my life is to help South Africa see what I have seen – That by pulling together we can create the future that we all dream about and I give myself fully to this without hesitation.”