Appreciate and Protect All Life Forms

“When we try to pick anything out by itself, we find it hitched to everything else in the universe.” – John Muir

As humankind and human societies have changed, moving away from tribal or pastoral existence, people have become more isolated and have started to look inwards towards their own needs rather than looking outwards to the needs of the others and the world as a whole.

Everything exists in a web of connectedness.
An example of this is our deep concern with the worldwide threat of our diminishing bee populations. A virus called Colony CollapseDisorder (CCD) is infecting and killing off bees in theirmillions. The cause of this is not yet fully understood but pesticides and genetically modified (GM) crops with pest control characteristics have been suggested. American Foulbrood (AFB) is another formof disease which is killing the larvae of our bees. If the bees become extinct then pollination will not take place and our food will disappear because the bees pollinate the flowers that produce the fruit and vegetables we eat. One third of what we eat depends on honey bees as pollinators. The disappearance of bees on this planet would be a catastrophe.

A summary on Earth Learning puts it this way: To most people the word environment implies some object somewhere else. Yet, there is no environment separate from humanity. What is done to Earth is done to fellow humans and to the community of life that is Earth. The interconnectedness and interdependence of Earth’s life web depends on a complex diversity of species to function as a healthy community. The human body itself is a complex ecosystem. Many of its functions, such as breathing and digesting, are assisted and performed by organisms that humans simply could not live without. Human outer skin often acts less like a barrier and more like a sponge. Just as a tree is not separate from the soil that feeds its roots, the water that flows everywhere inside and out, and the air it breathes.

In living systems boundaries exist for purposes of identity, not separation. By trying to play God, we are destroying other life forms with a knock on effect.

~ What will it take to make humankind realise that we are destroying the earth?
~ What will it take for each of us to realise that in every action we take we can make a difference?

You have the ability to make a difference. With every action, with every purchase, you are casting a vote for or against Earth’s life support systems. Consciously or not, every activity will either enhance or damage the Earth. Positive change will occur when enough of us embrace a new worldview that acknowledges humanity’s role to celebrate, protect, and serve life on Earth and not erode its life support systems.

Your individual actions matter because collectively humanity can make all the difference in the world. Freya Matthew writes: “What is wrong with our culture is that it offers us an inaccurate conception of the self. It depicts the personal self as existing in competition with and in opposition to nature. [We fail to realise that] if we destroy our environment, we are destroying what is in fact our larger self”.