“Thanks so much for the interesting book. The message really resonates with me. I have put it in the FMR Reception area for all to see.”


“I have never met you, but have such incredible admiration for your work that I see in this book (granted 5 years later for me!). Honest, raw, crystal clear lessons that can be followed as a menu in no particular order, just where you are at, what speaks loudest on your journey of transformation towards a meaningful life.

When I picked your book up, it felt like when building a very large jigsaw puzzle and you needed that one piece that would enable a whole new part to take shape…THANK YOU for sharing your gift.”


“Well Di
Quote – The best vitamin for making friends… B1
A mind opening read delightfully engaging for the African spirit within us all.
About to travel the Karoo from CT to JHB
A very beautiful blend of the senses – and highly practical motivational.
Have been recommending it as a must read.
A very likely dog eared coffee table / bedside / throne room necessity.
Blessed is the municipal Library service.
Must return it soonest.
Thanks “


“I felt compelled to read and enjoy every word and photograph, and want to tell you that it has inspired me to change a few things in my life.

Thank you for putting together all the age-old wisdoms in a natural, modern way of thinking and living. I will re-visit your book often, and am so happy that I met you through your amazing stories, your compassion for all people, and respect for nature. “

Ronel Perks

“I am Ravi Dasari from Angola, I read your book, I must say that it’s one of the bests books I ever read in my life thank you for having that knowledge about life and inspiring me.”


“Hi Mom, I just want to thank you and the man of the house for your great hospitality me and my Dad received at your lovely home and as for my gift, wooow!!! I’m enjoying reading every chapter so far. Chapter 5 has encouraged me to write my own Journal. Thank you and much love.”

Lethukuthula Mchunu

“Mrs Smith, I just want to let you know that I have received the book and thank you from the bottom of my heart,it is indeed an inspiration to me. It is fantastic and interesting. I love it. Thanks a lot.”

Oom Pat

“Profound thanks for sending me a copy of your mother’s book. I suspected I would love her, and strong feelings of affinity, inspiration, and gratitude arise from almost every page. The book is so beautiful that I do not want to mark it, so I am keeping a journal nearby as I read to be able to record the treasures that I find particularly evocative.”

Sarah C. Lopez, Ph.D.- USA

“I have many years of experience with personal development work and am impressed with your way of addressing the need for change through that lens. I hope that readers take it to heart, and more importantly, put it into practice.”

George Gabriel

“I once again would like to thank you for the book you have given me, I have benefited a lot from what I have read so far. I actually think it came at the right time because I have been planning our first ever family reunion on the weekend of the 4th of October and I think it would be of great value to share the life lessons from the Book. Thank you very much once again.”

Njabulo S.S. Mthethwa – Marketing & Sales Officer at G4 Brothers Brands

“Thank you for the wonderful gift. I cannot put your book down.”

Spu Gule – Global Chairman of Norton Rose Fulbright South Africa

“You know how people say ‘this is not a diet – it’s an ‘eating plan’? Well I think your book is not just a book, it’s a ‘living plan’ Maybe it’s been said. Well done anyway!”

Mike Norris

“Thank you Di. Your book is so inspiring. I am battling to put it down. I thank God for sending me to the spirit of light. Your book is a light. Thank you. Keep the light burning. With warm regards”

Gugu from Kalugongolo Trading Enterprise.

“I have read your book twice and found it so inspirational!! It is absolutely fantastic and quite a few friends have read it and also thoroughly enjoyed it.

I will treasure it and read it often to inspire myself.”

Cheryl Harper from We Can Change Our World.

“So many of the little stories and messages get one thinking and also touch the heart.

I liked the clear explanation of Ubuntu in chapter 34 as I have only vaguely understood it previously – it made me realise with some excitement that that is effectively what I have always endeavoured to engender through a ‘Responsible Partner’ methodology around partner/manager and lawyer/staff relations we developed some 20 years ago and have used and evolved since then. Isn’t life amazing how these wonderful things somehow connect up?”

Sean Larkan from Edge International.

“You are awesome. I have read your book (You are awesome) over and over again. What an inspiration? I’d really like to meet with you and your team one day (I mean it). I have a feeling that we can do good things together. I don’t know what it is yet but I think our like-mindedness will result in building a better South Africa, a better world.

Thanks so much for all the efforts you’ve made in your book. God bless you.”

A.K. Masha (Tonny)

“I have not even opened the book, and I feel inspired. You do live your life in a way that gives confidence and energy to others. Thanks for your words spoken which ranged across so many subjects so beautifully inclusively.”

Janina Masojada

“You’re Awesome is one of the best book I know of. Thank you for making this book ’cause it made me a new person. I do not like reading but when I saw the book pictures something on my mind said I must read it … if you do have another book that you’ve made please send me an E-mail I would like to read more of your books.”

Thabo Mapekula

“You never know one’s effect on the universe. Like the ripple effect when one drops a pebble in the still pond. My 15 year old daughter found a quote in “You’re Awesome” from Albert Einstein. She has taken it on as her life’s motto. “The value of a man resides in what he gives and not what he is capable of receiving”. She is going to use that in a speech soon when she applies for regional office for an agricultural club called FFA.”

Joanne La Salle

“Wow your book is really awesome. I have enjoyed reading it, it has inspired me. It is true that the values and lessons in our life need to be taken more seriously and more importantly instilled into our youth. Sadly they are the ones who are desperate and challenged everyday but they also can make a change and I do believe we can build them into more determined, self-driven, successful individuals.”

Kristy Glass – Project Director LOTS NPO.

“Di you are an amazing writer your book engages us on topics that even our parents never touch, and so create that new organised form of a mindset that one requires to truly live a fulfilled life. Thank you Di Smith for your perfect and sound work that God given gift and wisdom to help and reach out to the entire nation and to those who no longer consider life as a beautiful joyride.”

Lunga Phewe – Future Farmers Student.

“I urge you to read this uplifting book and share it with others.”

Gcina Mhlophe – Author and South Africa’s Best Known Storyteller

“Your book is indeed wonderfully put together: no wonder Tutu was willing to write a foreword for it. I particularly liked the way of placing your stories, not in some abstract, philosophising about what makes life worthwhile, but in the kind of things that are around us in South Africa all the time – right down to your experience with an ostrich.

I wish you well with this book. It deserves to get a wide reading.”

Louis van Loon, Founder of The Buddhist Retreat Centre, Ixopo, South Africa.

“You have created something so special and I am very proud of you. It has been beautifully written, laid out and illustrated – a real collaboration of love and respect. Congratulations my lovely friend on your perseverance. You have left a legacy for everyone – your family, your friends and those unknown friends who will now love you through your work and appreciate the care and thought which has created this book.

It sits in pride of place on the coffee table for visitors to see. It will not be relegated to the bookshelf!”

Marguerite Poland – author of Abundant Herds, Shades, The Mantis and the Moon and more.

“My heart finished this book feeling expanded, flowing into my body like a sparkle.”

Kathy Wolstenholme – Founder of Nia South Africa

“What a fantastic idea to publish such a book. It is inspiring and should make us think as South Africans. I hope to see many more people walking together as a result of this and other such initiatives.”

Dr Mamphela Ramphele – Executive Chairperson of Letsema Circle,  former Vice Chancellor of the University of Cape Town and former Managing Director of the World Bank.