Happy Birthday, Archbishop Emeritus Desmond Tutu

Di Smith (that's me) presenting a rough draft of You're Awesome to The Arch.

Di Smith (that’s me) presenting a rough draft of You’re Awesome to The Arch.

As I awoke to the phone calls and well wishes from family and friends this morning, my thoughts went to Archbishop Emeritus Desmond Tutu. We share the same birthday … or so I believe!

You see, I actually celebrate my birthday on both the 7th and 8th of October.

How lucky can anyone be to claim two birth dates?

Here is my story…

Needed a Birth Certificate

I celebrated my birthday on the 7th October from my very first birthday until my 16th birthday.  I then needed my birth certificate to be able to apply for my Identity Document which as South Africans we obligated to obtain at the age of 16. On receiving my birth certificate I noticed that I had been registered as being born on the 8th October. I went home to my parents and queried on which date I had been born? Well, neither Mom nor Dad could remember on exactly which day I was born – Mom’s response was “Well you were probably born sometime near midnight”

So not knowing on which day I was born, I have celebrated my birthday on the 7th October just as I had done for the first sixteen years of my life.  All my official documents register my birthday as being the 8th October and so many friends celebrate my birthday with me on the 8th October.

It is such fun and I feel doubly spoilt!

An Anecdote for Father Tutu

Father Tutu with your sense of humour, you will enjoy another story relating to my birthday. At three years of age I asked my mother when I was born. She replied, “Your birthday is in October”. I began crying and was inconsolable. Mom kept asking me what was wrong. Eventually, between sobs, I said “My birthday has been knocked over” As a little three year old I believed that I would never have another birthday as it had been knocked over!

Father Tutu – All the very best for a wonderful birthday and have a special, special day.Thank you for leading South Africa for so many years with immense integrity. For standing against injustice, and standing for righteousness, freedom, caring and forgiveness.
Enjoy your retirement and may your dream unfold …“of a glorious world coming into being where we all live harmoniously together as members of one family, the human family.”

Ngikufisela impilo ende.