The Power of The People

Yesterday Calvern Kuziyamisa and I had the privilege of listening to a talk by Clem Sunter at Cedara
College, just outside of Pietermaritzburg.

We had a brief chat to Clem after his talk. He has endorsed the initiative that Awesome SA is
launching in mid-April called TOGETHER SA – BUILDING OUR FUTURE. We wanted to get his
consent to go public with what he had to say which is as follows:

“I think that Together SA is a brilliant initiative because it combines the power of the social media
with the underground revolution that is taking place in this country- ordinary people rolling up
their sleeves to become active citizens in the pursuit of creating a better life for all. Well done in
giving real power to the real people”

Bono has recently given a TED Talk which we believe will go viral, especially as he mentions Nelson
Mandela’ s message to the world in 2005 – “Be that great generation that overcomes that most
awful offence of humanity, extreme poverty. ”

Our generation want s to be the generation that changes the world for good.

Have a look.